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Monthly Report December 2020

Publish by Coin98 Wallet at 31 December 2020

Another month has passed, we are happy to look back on our effort put into the Coin98 Wallet. In the course of time, we have released Extension Wallet version 2.0 and Coin98  Mobile Wallet version 7.2, both with a wide range of new feature updates. 

Technology developments

  • Coin98 Extension Wallet version 2.0 is live, available on Chrome Web Store:
    • Support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana and more to come in the future;
    • Support Text Password;
  • The release of Coin98 Wallet Ver 7.2 with two highlight updates:
    • Polkadot integration. Thanks to this update,  Coin98 Wallet users can store and exchange $DOT easily right in Coin98 Wallet;
    • Performance and stability improvements;
  • Coin98 Wallet officially supports The Graph Protocol (GRT) token launched on its mainet - the first global and easily searchable index of blockchain data.


  • Establish a partnership with BSCex -  a decentralized non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that runs on Binance Smart Chain, to drive mass adoption for Binance Smart Chain. This collaboration paves the way for users to interact with BSCex and its other protocols by connecting Coin98 Mobile Wallet and Coin98 Extension Wallet;


  • Successfully launch DeFi Kickstart series to raise users’ awareness of diverse concepts and protocols in DeFi space with amazing results:
    • Round 1: KIN Airdrop
      • Distributed KIN: 2.9M
      • Nearly 300 participants
    • Round 2: BUSD Airdrop
      • Distributed BUSD: 100
      • Over 1000 participants
    • Round 3: GRT Airdrop
      • Distributed GRT: 200
      • Over 1600 participants
  • AMA organization with Chromia and NEM projects.

Though there are many things happening in the final month of 2020, Coin98 Wallet always tries to offer the most wonderful experience to our dear users and support the mass adoption of Decentralized Finance over the world. 

In retrospect, we can’t deny that 2020 is a tough year, especially with Covid 19, but it is also a year of many milestones in the cryptocurrency world. In the upcoming time, don’t forget to check out our 2020 year in review where we will sit down and look back on the development of Coin98 Wallet in 2020


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