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How to synchronize Coin98 Mobile Wallet with Coin98 Extension Wallet
Many users still don’t know how to synchronize wallets from Coin98 Mobile Wallet to Coin98 Extension Wallet. Today's article will help you discover how to do that in the easiest way possible!
Coin98 Wallet integrates Elrond, getting closer to DeFi mass adoption with a scalable blockchain network
Coin98 Wallet has partnered with Elrond, a scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases and the new internet economy, expanding the implementation of DeFi in the real world.
Coin98 Wallet AMA with Saber | Airdrop 100 USDT
Coin98 Wallet is going to host an AMA with Saber with all the information below.
UNLOCKED #4 | Importing Portfolios from Exchange Platforms
We’re back with another episode of Coin98 Wallet’s UNLOCKED Series. We'll be showing you how to import your portfolios from different trading platforms to Coin98 Wallet
Coin98 Wallet integrates with Saber for a frictionless trading experience on Solana
Coin98 Wallet has integrated with Saber (previously StableSwap), a high speed, low fee crypto trading platform built on Solana, to connect users with the offerings and advantages of the Solana Ecosystem.
Coin98 Wallet x Chromia Airdrop up to 5,000 $CHR
Coin98 Wallet and Chromia (CHR) are excited to host a massive airdrop of 5,000 $CHR to give back to our beloved followers.
Coin98 Wallet upgrades the partnership with Band Protocol for foreign exchange and digital asset price feeds
Coin98 Wallet and Band Protocol have been collaborating since October, 2020 based on the integration of their decentralized oracles into Coin98 Wallet’s system. The partnership now levels up with the integration of BandChain and Band Protocol for foreign exchange rates.
Coin98 Wallet AMA with Paras | Airdrop 150 USDT
Coin98 Wallet is going to host an AMA with Paras with all the information below.
Fantom, Polygon, Terra, Kava & Persistence now supported on Coin98 Extension Wallet V5.2.0
Coin98 Extension Wallet has integrated 5 more blockchains, including Fantom, Polygon (MATIC), Terra, Kava & Persistence in the newest version 5.2.0.
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