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Coin98 Infinity Race Winner Announcement

Publish by Coin98 Exchange at 08 September 2021

The Coin98 Infinity Race - Drift to the Metaverse with the reward of up to $50,000 worth of C98 has come to an end with impressive figures. Over 4,500 qualified wallets with over 89,000 claimed Nitro, which is a huge support for the Coin98 team.

Coin98 live-streamed the winner announcement on both Facebook & Youtube platforms to draw the 4 biggest prizes of the Race at 8:30 PM (UTC+7) 05/09/2021. Here is the official announcement including 4 main prizes and the list of 290 consolation prizes.

Winner List

The special Millennium Falcon prize worth $5,000 C98

The winner is 0xE905…6114e0 with Nitro number: 86140

The First prize - Imperial Shuttle with $1,000 C98.

The winner is 0x5Cdd…D9AB6E with Nitro number: 64399

2 Second-prizes- Y-wing: $200 C98 each.

The winners are:

  • 0x0010…1E234f with Nitro number: 33506
  • 0x2942…017bF5 with Nitro number: 46440

7 special Nitro prizes

7/11 special Nitro prizes have found their owners, Congrats to these skilled racers:

290 consolation prizes with the total reward of up to $5,500 C98

Coin98 will also distribute 290 consolation prizes to 290 random racers, with random values ranging from $10 to $100 as a thank you to other Nitro owners. Check the lucky winner list here: https://c98.link/infinity-race-winner-list

If you have any questions, please contact us before 11:59 PM 12/09/2021. After this period, Coin98 Wallet won't be responsible for your reward.

Thank you very much for supporting us all this time. Congratulations to all of you who have won our great prizes in this competition.

The rewards will be sent to the winners within 7 business days, starting from 11:59 PM, 12/09/2021.

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