DeFi in Polkadot Vol.13| Apr 5th - Apr 11th

Publish by jadevo at 12 April 2021

DeFi in Polkadot series is published weekly, which combines observations of Coin98 Ventures on the Polkadot ecosystem's decentralized finance-related projects.

For projects wanting to be featured in DeFi in Polkadot or having any suggestions, please chat with us at hi@coin98.ventures.


Polkadot Decoded Comeback

On May 20th, 2021, Polkadot Decodex - a virtual conference on all things Polkadot will be held the second time. The conference will feature an open call for presentation proposals and a community vote to curate the final conference program.

  • On February 28th, the call for proposals ended with over 200 successful submissions relating to technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Voting for proposals is now closed, and the shortlist of most-voted talks will be used to help curate the final conference program.
  • In Mid-April, the final line-up of Polkadot Decoded 2021 will be officially announced

Kusama Slot Auctions and Crowdloans

The instruction for teams participating in Slot Auctions and Crowdloans with 4 main topics:

• What are auctions and crowdloans?

• How to participate.

• How to avoid scams.

• FAQ.

If you want to read the detailed instruction, follow this link.

USDT launched on Kusama & Polkadot

Tether’s USDT- the world’s largest stablecoin with a market capitalization of over $40 billion is expected to become the 1st stablecoin to -live on Kusama - a pre-production environment Polkadot and Polkadot - a network that supports various interconnected blockchains called parachains.

Infrastructure & Parachain

Clover token sales

Clover -a foundational layer for cross-chain compatibility that is building a bridge between Ethereum and Polkadot and the first Polkadot ecosystem project to be on the Public route has officially announced their token sales on Coinlist- an IDO platform for users to access the latest token sales on April 20th at 17:00 UTC, while Rounds 2 and 3 will take place on April 21st at 17:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC respectively.

Here is the information about the 3 rounds:

  • Community: 75M tokens, $0.20 per token, 12-month lockup
  • Round 2: 40M tokens, $0.29 per token, 6-month lockup
  • Round 3: 35M tokens, $0.35 per token, 40-days lockup

Read more about the project and register token sales here.

Clover x My Neighbor Alice

Clover - a Substrate-based DeFi service platform built on Polkadot, will form a partnership with My Neighbor Alice - a multiplayer builder game where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build items and meet new friends.

Clover has made a breakthrough in the NFT track layout as part of this strategic cooperation, while My Neighbor Alice would become a benchmark game NFT issuer in the Clover ecosystem.

Apron x PolkaFoundry

Apron - a decentralized platform for DApp developers, DApp users, and infrastructure operators with a decentralized network based on blockchain technology infrastructure services has founded strategic collaboration with PolkaFoundry - a platform for building borderless and frictionless DeFi dApps on Polkadot.

Thanks to this partnership, Apron will optimize its DeFi/dApps on the PolkaFoundry platform by providing infrastructure service and giving users access to a greater API interface experience, better security guarantees, a multi-link ecological API choice, and the ability to use the Apron market.

Apron x Raze Network

Apron partners with Raze Network - a Substrate-based, cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem, built as a native privacy layer that can provide anonymity for DeFi to provide Raze Network with a full set of RPC services that enable users on Raze platform to easily access the Raze Network by using Apron SDK and allow Raze Network to take advantage of the Efficient Σ-Bullets algorithm.

Manta Network Report

Manta Network is the plug-and-play privacy-preservation protocol built to service the entire DeFi stack, has recently published its monthly report about all the activities happening in March. The report is about 7 main aspects related to the project:

  • Product Updates.
  • Berkeley Accelerator Program.
  • Community Activities.
  • The Meme Contest.
  • Aprils Fools Gag.
  • Team Growth.
  • Partnerships.

Read the full report through this article.

Moonbeam Illuminate

On April 27, Moonbeam - an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on the Polkadot network that makes it easy to build natively interoperable applications will celebrate a one-year Moonbeam project announcement showcasing the incredible projects that are already building on it. Illuminate/21 is a dual-track online mini-conference that features technical and non-technical presentations by prominent speakers in the Blockchain field.

Register for this amazing event here.

ChainX Halving Community NFT

At the beginning of June, ChainX - the first project in Polkadot’s ecosystem-is committed to researching and applying Bitcoin layer 2 expansion; digital asset gateway is slated to have its first halving. The project will hand out a special ChainX Halving Community NFT for its community members to celebrate this unforgettable event.

To know how to join in this event, read here.


Acala Receives Compound Grant

Acala suggests a proposal that enables the project to bring Compound’s services and CASH token (Compound’s interest-bearing token) to Acala and Polkadot and introduce DOT and Liquid DOT (LDOT) as new collateral assets to the Compound money market.

This proposal has been first published on the Compound forum and has since gathered great community feedback. Finally, Acala’s proposal has received a grant of $35,000 from the Compound Grants Program as its first batch of funded initiatives.

Acala March Report

Acala - an Ethereum-compatible platform for financial applications to use smart contracts or built-in protocols with out-of-the-box cross-chain capabilities and robust security has recently published its monthly report on medium.

Here is the quick recap of the Acala March Report:

  • Coinbase Ventures backing of Acala and Karura.
  • Compound Grants awarded Acala.
  • New Karura website.
  • Acala brand refresh.
  • KaruraNetwork.
  • parachain auction prep.
  • SubQueryNetwork integration.

Read the full report here.

Bandot airdrop

Bandot - Polkadot’s stablecoin unsecured lending system, building a new paradigm of liquidity aggregation platform, announces their airdrop event with a reward of up to 30,000 BDT.

This event ended on 11/4/2020 at 11:25 PM.

Lending & Borrowing

$2.5 M investment in Equilibrium

Equilibrium has closed a Series A round of financing, securing $2.5 million from a uniquely multinational collection of investors with the investment from influential ecosystem funds:

Signum Capital, Hypersphere, Block Dream Fund, Genesis Block Ventures, CMS Holdings, AU21 Capital, Digital Finance Group, PNYX Ventures, FBG Capital, LD Capital, Crasolum Ventures, Inclusion capital, Czhang’s Digital Investment.

Konomi list Okex

On the 6th of April, Konomi - a cross-chain decentralized money market protocol supporting assets across multiple blockchains listed its token - KONO on OKEX, and deposits and trading capabilities began at 5 PM. This event marks the growth and expansion of the Konomi project to the blockchain universe,

Konomi x Raze Network

Konomi - a cross-chain decentralized money market protocol supporting assets across multiple blockchains, has established a strategic partnership with Raze Network - a Substrate-based cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem.

As part of this partnership, Raze team will utilize the Konomi team’s knowledge and experience in handling users’ assets to learn how better to protect the network and user assets data. In return, Raze Network will harness that borrowed wisdom and give it back to their community, assist, and provide end-to-end anonymity for them.


The Zenlink limited edition community NFT will all be distributed to community members for free with two issuing ways: targeted issuance and non-targeted issuance, and 36% of the total supply will be issued in the Genesis stage. Community members need to complete the corresponding community contribution behavior to obtain the whitelist before they are eligible to apply.

Detailed information here.


Tidal x Oasis

Tidal Finance - insurance coverage for assets across chains in custom balanced liquidity pools partners with Oasis Network, the first privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy to provide Decentralized Insurance and Integrate Anonymous Claims Processing.

Through this partnership, Tidal will integrate its cross-chain insurance protocol into the Oasis Network bringing in a new class of privacy-enabled financial vehicles to the users and expand its claims process to include anonymous, democratized voting on claims processing with their community.

Tidal x Hopr

Tidal Finance partnered with Hopr Protocol providing network-level and metadata privacy for every type of data exchange. Thanks to this collaboration, Tidal Finance will offer an extra layer of security to HOPR’s layer-2 payment system through decentralized insurance.

Oracle & Data

Kylin x Dafi

Kylin - a cross-chain platform powering the data economy on Polkadot has joined together with Dafi protocol that uses synthetics pegged to different decentralized networks to provide DAFI Protocol with oracle services, ensuring that DaFi protocol’s price feeds for its synthetic dTokens in various networks are accurate and reliable as well as utilize DAFI’s novel synthetics on Kylin.

Kylin x BDP

Kylin and BDP- a DeFi protocol powering a Web 3.0 data marketplace have reached the strategic collaboration to allow Kylin access to high-quality data feeding on BDP, which will go a long way kickstarting the DeData revolution that both projects look forward to in the long term.

Besides that, Kylin looks forward to powering/driving novel data feeds for BDP in return!

Paralink Network - a project that offers a multi-chain oracle platform for DeFi and other blockchain applications will be integrated into Binance Smart Chain (BSC) - a blockchain network built for running smart contract-based applications.

This integration enables users to run the node and start using Paralink Network oracle contracts and discover the functionality of PQL and ease of use.

March Report of SubQuery

SubQuery Explorer - an online hosted service that provides access to published SubQuery projects made by contributors in our community worldwide and hosted by the SubQuery team has updated all of their latest activities and achievements on medium. Here is a quick recap of the report.

  • SubQuery Explorer.
  • Seed round update.
  • Our first partner use case for SubQuery.
  • Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.
  • Intelligent routing.
  • New office and team members.

Check this article for a full report.


Reef Baskets

Reef Baskets are applying the Reef Baskets engine and include a collection of DeFi tokens and assets.

The article will provide users a detailed definition of Reef Basket and explain the difference between Reef Basket on other protocols and Reef Basket on Reef Chain.

Check this article for more information.

Reef Finance March Review

After a long month has passed, the Reef team updates the latest information about projects for its community with these main points:

  • Reef Chain Testnet V1 - Maldives Launched.
  • Reef Bonds - Coral Gems released.
  • Reef Chain Testnet Codebase is now available on Github.
  • Reef Chain Block Explorer and Documentation Released.
  • Reef Finance website relaunch.
  • Binance Futures increased the maximum leverage of USDT-margined REEF Perpetual Contracts to 50X.
  • Launch of LIT/REEF staking bonds.
  • Partnership with ElrondNetwork.
  • Six Regional telegram groups were launched.

Read more about the report here.


RAI Finance - a decentralized finance (Defi) project based on the Polkadot blockchain has recently announced that they will partner with Avalanche - an open-source platform for launching highly decentralized applications, new financial primitives, and new interoperable blockchains. This integration enables RAI's users to access Avalanche's assets through the connection of cross-chain asset bridges and Substrate parallel chains and provides developers building on Avalanche more flexibility and infrastructure for applications that require assets to move across other public blockchain networks like Polkadot.

RAI x Litentry

RAI Finance has reached a partnership with Litentry.

As a part of this, RAI Finance will integrate Litentry DID to provide technical support for RAI Finance’s user management, account association, and precision services and access Litentry DID in social trading’s functional section to participate in social networking. In contrast, Litentry will integrate the cross-chain identity data of RAI Finance SWAP, DEX, and social trading.

DeFi in Polkadot is created for information-providing purposes, not including investment advice.

For projects wanting to be featured in DeFi in Polkadot or having any suggestions, please chat with us at hi@coin98.ventures.

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