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Coin98 Exchange

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<p>All-in-one DeFi Platform For Everyone.</p>

Coin98 x YAY Games Trading Airdrop with up to 150,000 YAY
Coin98 and YAY Games (YAY) are thrilled to host a massive Trading Airdrop of 150,000 YAY to give back to our beloved followers.
Coin98 Infinity Race Winner Announcement
The Coin98 Infinity Race - Drift to the Metaverse with the reward of up to  $50,000 worth of C98 has come to an end with impressive figures. Over 4,500 qualified wallets with over 89,000 claimed Nitro, which is a huge support for the Coin98 team.
minigame speed up
SPEED UP MINIGAME - 1,000 $SBR is waiting for you
To make Infinity Race more fascinating, Coin98 decided to hold the SPEED UP minigame to spread the challenges far more into Metaverse. Detail here!
What is Token Issuer? One of the most practical DeFi tools on Coin98 Exchange
What is Coin98 Token Issuer? What are the special features of Token Issuer? How to issue your own token on Coin98 Exchange?
What is Coin98 Markets? A powerful market tracking tool in Coin98 Exchange Ecosystem
What is Coin98 Market? This article will dive deep into the Coin98 Markets, explore the outstanding features, and discover how to use it!
Coin98 Trading League - The $50,000 prize awaits in the “Infinity Race”
Coin98 is excited to fire up the “Infinity Race” - Drift to the Metaverse Edge with massive total rewards of up to $50,000 to be won. Join now! Let’s find out what is waiting for you below, guys!
Coin98 Web Wallet - The heart of the whole Coin98 Exchange Ecosystem
In this article, Coin98 will introduce you to new version of Coin98 Wallet - Coin98 Web Wallet. What does it bring to users? Find out here!
multisend coin98 exchange
What is Multi-Send? Sending tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction on Coin98 Exchange
What is Multi-Send? How to send tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction with Multi-send feature on Coin98 Exchange.
show us your chart
Prove your analytical skills with “Show Us Your Chart” - Worth of $1,000 C98
To celebrate the launch of Coin98 Exchange, we are thrilled to hold the “Show Us Your Chart” event with a total prize of $1,000 C98. Join now!
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