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Introducing X-point - The points reward system of Coin98 Wallet

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You may have noticed that starting from version 8.6 on our Mobile App for both iOS and Android, Coin98 Wallet has updated the two big "X". They are X-Point and X-Store. While X-Store is still in the "coming soon" state, X-Point has caused curiosity and excitement for Coin98 Wallet users.

So what is X-Point?

How to earn X-Point?

What can you expect in X-Store?

All will be answered and updated in this article!

What is X-Point?

X-Point is Coin98 Wallet’s points reward system, where you can earn X by doing certain tasks. This means X is not a token.

How to check X-Point?

You can check how many X points you got and your X points history under the “Account” tab.

Note: From the Coin98 Wallet version 10.0.7, users only need to restore and use their wallets immediately without having to provide any personal information.

However, to improve the experience on the application as well as provide users with membership programs, Coin98 Wallet still has the option to register/ login to the application by email in the Account tab. The use of email is optional and independent of the user's assets.

Some benefits users can get when registering/login by email in the Account tab of Coin98 Wallet:

  • Saving transaction history and user's favorite settings, do not waste time re-setting after each login.
  • Participating in member incentive programs such as the X-point reward system with many benefits will be updated in the near future.

Thus, to join Coin98 Wallet's X-point, you must register or log in to an account on Coin98 Wallet.

How to register for an account

After successfully installing Coin98, you can register an account by following these steps:

Step 1: In the main interface of Coin98 Wallet, click on the Account icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Enter your email address, read our Terms of Services. If you agree to the Terms of Services, click Continue.

Step 3: Slide to verify the Captcha. Captcha is like a test of the accuracy of the response, to test whether the person trying to access a website is a human or just a computer.

Step 4: Insert the Verification Code that is sent to this email address as well as the Referral Code (if any). Click Verify.

Step 5: Set your profile picture (if any), a Username, a Display Name, and a Password, then Confirm Password. Click Enjoy and you’re all set.

Note: Each username is unique in our system. Two different accounts can never have the same username.

How to login Coin98 Wallet

Step 1: In the main interface of Coin98 Wallet, click on the Account icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Insert your email address, then read our Terms of Services. If you agree to the Terms of Services, click Continue. (Registration by phone number only applies for previous versions)

Step 3: Complete Captcha verification: slide the puzzle piece to the correct position.

Step 4: Enter password -> Select Enjoy.

After successfully logging into your account on Coin98 Mobile Wallet, the transaction history, user's favorite settings as well as user's X-point (if any) will be automatically updated.

How to check X-point

To check your X-Point, follow the steps below:

What is X-Point for?

X-Point is our way to encourage users, especially new ones to try out various features on Coin98 Wallet. At the same time, through the X-Point system, we got a chance to give back to you all for using and supporting Coin98 Wallet.

Hence, as of right now, once you reach a tier of X-Point, you can:

(1) claim various prizes, tokens through X-Store;

(2) have exclusive rights;

(3) experience various “games” built around X-Point (and did I say NFT?!)

How to earn X-Point?

X is a reward point when you use Coin98 Wallet.

As of right now, you can earn X by using the "Swap" feature on Coin98 Wallet. Specifically, if you swap natively through one of the AMMs supported by Coin98 Wallet, you will earn X.

Note, this also applies to referrals. If you have invited friends through your referral code, and your friends swap, both you and your friend will be given X. So, please take this chance and invite as many friends as possible and enjoy X-point altogether.

To get started on using our Swap feature, please check out our guides below:


Is X-Point a token issued by Coin98?

X-Point is just a point reward system (like other loyalty programs) and is only claimable for prizes/ tokens through X-Store.

More information will be updated soon.

How is X calculated when swapping?

  • The user who executes the swap order and the referrer will be awarded X-Points at the rate of 50:50.
  • $1 of the swap volume = 1 X-Point.

Suppose, Ken introduces Bob, Bob introduces Alice using Coin98 Wallet. Then:

  • When Alice executes the swap order at $1000 => The X Alice receives = The X Bob receives = 500 X-Points.
  • Bob executes the swap order $1000 => The X Bob receives = The X Ken receives = 500 X-Points, Alice receives 0 X-Point.
  • Ken is not recommended by other users. When Ken executes the swap order at $1000 => Ken gets 500 X-Points, no user gets the remaining 500 X-Points.

Note: X-point only counted when users do the swap when logging in.

How to get your Referral ID on Coin98 Wallet?

To get your Referral ID on Coin98 Wallet, please follow the steps below.


  • The number of people who used your REF ID will be summarized in the Friends Invited section.
  • If you forgot to enter your REF ID at the time of registration/login, you can do it later. However, the REF ID can only be entered once and cannot be modified as the step below:

In Conclusion

In the future, Coin98 Wallet will have more ways for users to earn X, getting ready for the coming of X-Store. They can be referring new users, using other features, do certain tasks, participate in events by Coin98 Wallet, etc.

All you need to do is learn, use and “play” with our app, Coin98 Wallet. We hope you have fun and stack those X-points!

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