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Coin98 Wallet: March Report

Publish by Coin98 Wallet at 01 April 2021

Last month has been a rollercoaster ride with numerous events and updates on Coin98 Wallet. Hence, this is the time to rewind and share our achievements as well as upcoming plans with you.

New integration & updates

Coin98 Mobile Wallet

All-in-one AMMs & Bridges

The biggest update of Coin98 Wallet version 8.6.5 was the All-In-One AMMs & Bridges including Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, MDEX, SerumSwap, Luna DEX and ERC20 <> SPLWith a user-friendly interface, it is extremely simple for users to swap coins/ tokens applying the optimized gas bar engine.

If you need more reasons to use the native SWAP feature, find them here.

Web3 DApp Browser

Web3 DApp Browser enables users to experience the seamless, simple, and secure connection to any decentralized application on multiple blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Heco Chain, etc. On top of that, we featured 2 DApps, which are OGN Staking and LaunchZone, on the home screen

ON/ OFF Feature

As a multi-chain non-custodial wallet, Coin98 Wallet understands that users are keen on using many wallets simultaneously. Thus, our On/Off feature is the function that you need.

Separate wallets of each blockchain with a slight slide, it is easy for users to manage multiple wallets at once. We hope this improvement in the UI will increase your efficiency.

Send SPL tokens to SOL addresses at ease

Solana has been widely considered as the next destination for Defi growth, how have you prepared for this trend? To support “in-game skin” and easy connection to this blockchain, Coin98 Wallet has integrated Solana on Mobile App and Extension. From now on, you can send SPL tokens directly to the SOL address. This feature is amazing, right?

Meanwhile, Coin98 Wallet has sponsored transaction fees when creating a new SOL wallet on Mobile App.

Portfolio Tracking V1 release

Portfolio Tracking V1, another product of Coin98 Labs beside Coin98 Wallet has officially been released.

You can simply appreciate the beauty of UI, track various addresses and your balance without importing your keys on multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Huobi Eco Chain, Avalanche, TomoChain, Near, Tron... and more.

Coin98 Extension Wallet

Coin98 Extension Wallet version 4.1.5 was available on Chrome with new performance and stability improvement. Currently, it supports 10 blockchain including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot, TomoChain, Tron, Huobi ECO Chain, Kusama, Avalanche, Near. Users are now able to send coins/tokens to multiple wallets in a single transaction at ease with a multi-send feature on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), Ethereum (ETH & ERC20), and approving Solana (SPL).

X-point official launch

X-point - the points reward system of Coin98 Wallet has been officially introduced. Now, users can earn X by doing specific tasks such as using the Swap feature, inviting friends through referral code, and exchange the reward in return.

Several initial X-Point events:

  • 2,500 $LIC Retroactive Airdrop for users who used PancakeSwap natively on Coin98 Wallet or has accumulated over 10,000 X-Points.
  • “Let's X Pawty & Share 20,000 $DOGE” Campaign

There will be many mind-blowing events with X Point releasing afterwards. Try to collect as many X as possible to grab surprising rewards.

Learn more about X-Point here: https://coin98insights.com/coin98-wallet-x-point

New tokens supported

What a month! Coin98 Wallet now support over 50 tokens this month as follow:

Your coins/ tokens are not on Coin98 Wallet yet? Do not hesitate to fill this form for adding your coins/ tokens.

Collaborative Events

Coin98 Wallet has deeply engaged with the alliance and rising-star projects to enhance further development as well as provide valuable insights to the community through hosting the AMA.

Coin98 Wallet Community Sharing

In terms of percentage, how many do you understand about the Coin98 Wallet? Pep talks between Coin98 Wallet and some communities in Vietnam were great opportunities for the Vietnamese Crypto community to have a clear overview about Coin98 Wallet roadmap and its further development.

  • Coin98 Wallet AMA with 68 Trading Group
  • Coin98 Wallet AMA with BTA
  • Community Call #1

Coin98 Wallet Partnership

Luckily, Coin98 Wallet could connect the dot to some remarkable projects such as Avalanche, Dora Factory, InsurAce, Konomi Network, Stone, MAPS_ME, AIOZ, Xend Finance which had completed the IDO and debuted successfully in March. It would be a great time for users to gain valuable knowledge and dive deeper into the market thanks to the AMA events.

Moving forward

Cross-Chain Swap and Cross-Chain Smart Order Routing are absolutely in expectation with Coin98 Wallet Mobile v9.0 release, enabling users to enjoy the app even better than ever.

Moreover, Multi-send features for SOL & SPL Tokens will be available in the next version of Coin98 Extension Wallet.

With many projects to come, let’s get our fruitful juices flowing in April and upcoming times!

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