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Add custom networks to Coin98 Wallet & Skin in the Game boundlessly

Publish by Dieu Bui at 02 October 2021

Crypto is vast! New blockchains and networks are generating every day with whole new opportunities and services that you might want to adopt fast. After doing some researches, we understand a fact that our users love to experiment with different networks and discover new things in the crypto-verse. And as our aim is to become the multi-chain wallet, custom networks allow you to skin in the game boundlessly.

Custom Network feature is now available on both Coin98 Mobile Wallet & Extension Wallet. Currently, users can add unlimited Custom Networks with this feature. To optimize the experience, Coin98 Wallet has supported up to 37+ available profiles for testnet and mainnet without filling network information:

  • EOS Mainnet
  • Arbitrum: One Mainnet, Testnet, xDai
  • Mooriver Mainnet
  • Moonbase Alpha Testnet
  • IoTex: Mainnet, Testnet
  • Optimistic: Mainnet, Testnet Goerli
  • OMGX: Mainnet L2 BOBA, Testnet L2 MOBA
  • Harmony Mainnet: Shard 0, Shard 1, Shard 2
  • Theta: Mainnet, Testnet
  • Eden Network

What are Custom Networks?

Custom Networks are non-Ethereum networks. Those networks are compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Most of these non-Ethereum networks are sidechains and Layer-2 chains. These chains are scaling solutions to allow more transactions at a cheaper cost.

How to set up Custom Network on Coin98 Wallet

Users can actively add network configurations to their wallets and create wallets from the newly created Network to easily use, track and manage their crypto assets.

Before we begin, you need to install or update our Mobile App or Extension to the latest version:

The steps of adding a custom network are similar on both the mobile and extension versions, so you can refer to the ways below:

Step 1: Choose Manage ⇒ Select Custom Network.

Step 2: Click (+) on the top right corner.

Step 3: To add the custom network that you want to use via Coin98 Mobile Wallet, you have to fill in the information below:

  • Profile (optional).
  • Name of the Network.
  • RPC URL.
  • Chain ID.
  • Symbol.
  • Block Explorer URL (optional).


  • For the Testnets and Mainnets available in the Profile of Coin98 Wallet, the user only needs to select the name of the Network. The system will automatically update the rest parameters after that. Currently, Coin98 Wallet has updated 37+ available profiles.
  • For Networks that are not available in the Profile, you must manually enter the required parameters that are provided on the official websites of those Networks.

Step 4: Click Create to complete the process.

How to create a wallet with the new custom network on Coin98 Wallet

After adding Custom Network successfully, you can create a new wallet. We recommend you create a Multi-Chain wallet on Coin98 Wallet to easily manage and get access to all single blockchain wallets with only one single Passphrase. If you are already a Coin98 Wallet user, you can import your multi-chain wallets to get updated with Eden Network wallet and other integrated blockchains on the latest version.

The guide below will instruct you to create a new custom network wallet on Mobile App. For Extension, you can do the same.

Step 1: Open Coin98 Mobile Wallet & click Manage on the home screen.

Step 2: Click Add Wallet. For example, Coin98 will take GateChainTestnet Wallet, choose the GateChain Testnet icon and click Create.

Step 3: Name the wallet. Click Next:

  • Paste the provided Passphrase/Private Key into the confirmation box.
  • After copying & saving your Passphrase, tick the “Backup your recovery key” box to confirm & back up the provided Passphrase & Private Key. Please note that these information are crucial to keeping your assets safe.
  • Tick the remaining boxes to confirm you’re aware of the risks.
  • Click Create Wallet.

Your GateChain Testnet Wallet will be displayed instantly on the home screen. You can also click Manage to check your wallets.

About Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial & NFT wallet used to store, manage, trade, swap multi-chain, multi-source digital assets.

It supports the most popular chains, including BTC, ETH, TOMO, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot, Kusama, HECO Chain, Near, Avalanche X-Chain & C-Chain, Binance Chain, Celo, BandChain, Kava, Terra, Cosmos, ThorChain, Fantom, Polygon, Persistence, XDai, Kardiachain, Ronin, GateChain, OKExChain, Klaytn, Boba Network, Arbitrum, Optimism,...

Coin98 Wallet has both the Mobile App and the Extension version that act as a gateway, connecting users to the DeFi world.

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