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Coin98 Wallet AMA with HashLand | 11 NFT Cards Airdrop

publish_by Coin98 Wallet at 26 tháng 11 2021

Coin98 Wallet is going to host an AMA with HashLand with all the information below.

AMA Information

Time: 07:00 PM (UTC+7) | Nov 29th, 2021.


Speaker: Aaron - Game Designer

AMA agenda:

Part 1: Introduction.

Part 2: The speaker answers pre-selected questions via our form (Drop your questions here).

Part 3: Live Q&A.

Airdrop: 11 NFT Cards

A total of 11 NFT Cards will be distributed for:

  • 1 lucky winner at the beginning of the AMA: 1 NFT Card
  • 5 best questions chosen in part 2: 5 NFT Cards
  • 5 best questions chosen in part 3: 5 NFT Cards

*NFT Cards of HashLand can be used to stake or sell on Binance NFT Marketplace

Airdrop conditions

To qualify for the airdrop, kindly:

About HashLand

HashLand is the first decentralized synthetic assets platform that unites Intellectual Property and hash rate Assets. Bridging NFTs and hash rate assets, HashLand is able to reshape the hash rate market in the form of Synthetic NFT, thereby laying the foundational value for the S-NFT.

More details:

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